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Titel: D8C53 - IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8.x LotusScript
LotusScript in Notes and Domino
Lotus Notes Events
Language Fundamentals
Program Control Structures
User Input Validation and Error Handling
Domino Object Model
Notes Object Instantiation
NotesSession Object Operations
NotesDatabase Object Operations
New Document Object Operations
NotesItem Object Operations
UI Object Classes
Notes Data Validation
Multi-Value Items and Arrays
Date-Time Operations
RichTextItem Object Operations
Collections of Document Objects
View-Based Document Object Collections
Search-Based Document Collections
Unprocessed, Selected, Unread Documents
Existing Document Object Operations
Newsletter Object
Evaluate @Functions
Dialog Boxes
Database Access Control List
Profile Documents
Procedures and Script Libraries
Custom Classes
Server-Based Agents
Agent Logging, Profiling, and Debugging
Text File Operations
XML Processing
Call DLL Procedures
Use Other Product Objects